Plus Sutures for preventing surgical site infection [Medtech innovation briefing]

The technology described in this briefing is Plus Sutures. It is for wound closure in adults and children after surgical procedures. The innovative aspect is that the sutures contain the antimicrobial substance triclosan. The intended place in therapy would be as an alternative to standard care for people who need wound closure after a surgical procedure. The main points from the evidence summarised in this briefing are from 7 studies, including 3 meta-analyses, 1 systematic review and 3 randomised controlled trials including adults and children in a secondary care setting. Most studies found Plus Sutures more effective than standard care sutures in reducing surgical site infections.

Key uncertainties around the evidence include the heterogeneity of studies included in the meta-analyses and the lack of systematic outcome measures reported. The cost of Plus Sutures depends on the size and features of the sutures and ranges from £3.63 to £4.94 depending on suture type, based on the most commonly used sutures codes within the National Health Service in England. The cost would be greater than non-antibacterial MONOCRYL, PDS II and VICYRL sutures used as standard care (£2.88 to £3.98). This may be offset if surgical site infections are reduced.